Can we rely on organisations to be socially and environmentally focused?

Can we rely on organisations to evolve from the capitalist ‘profit focused’ model to that of being socially and environmentally aware in sufficient time to save themselves and, more importantly, prevent adverse and irreversible impact on the world health and wellbeing?  

I am hopeful, as it will be in their interests to do so. 

Organisations will change because their stakeholders demand it and those organisations that do not listen or respond, will not thrive or they will cease to exist.  Stakeholders such as Fund Managers, Social Entrepreneurs, Governments, Consumers, Media and Analysts and Employees are becoming more active and aware and they are increasingly starting to voice their opinion and act so as to ensure that, what influence they do have, they have an impact.

Stakeholder effectiveness will vary depending on the industry, organization type, structure of organisation, size, etc but thankfully stakeholder influenc…

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Security of employment still remains key for many.

Notwithstanding the changing nature of the workplace and workforce, secure employment remains a key focus for many. 

Whilst organisations need to embrace the change in workplace and workforce structures, organisations can still do so in a manner that recognises the value of employment and training for every individual.  

Organisations should at all times avoid constructing arrangements to disguise relationships that would otherwise be recognised as an employment relationship  under the law.   Such arrangements undermine the relationship between the individual and the organisation, disadvantage the individual and evinces a clear intention of the organisation's view on compliance with the country's laws.   

It is recognised however that there is also a need for the legislative landscape to be improved to permit organisations to 'invest' in those individuals who are in a 'true' non-employment relatio…

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